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Category: Consumer Protection Act


Bank is fully responsible and to compensate if a customer loses money due to online fraud

ग्राहकाचे बँक खात्यामधील पैसे ऑनलाईन फसवणुक करुन काढले असतील तर त्यास बँकच जबाबदार आहे, ग्राहक नाही – राष्ट्रीय ग्राहक आयोगाचा निर्णय. The bank is fully

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Adv. Swati Goud

M.Com, LL.M

Result driven Criminal & Civil Lawyer with 7+ years of experience ensuring legality of all aspects. 


Adv. Supriya Kamble

B.Com, LL.B. (Spl.)

Family Litigation Laywer and Consumer Protection Advisor with 7+ years of experience in the legality of all aspects.

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