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A time bounded and prompt Legal Drafting service in which we offer drafting of lease deeds, sale deeds, conveyance deeds, contractor agreements, agreements before sales, MOU, NDA, Employment agreements, Service level agreements, Termination of agreements, power of attorney, Appointment letter, Job offer/rejection letter, resignation letter, consumer complaint, bill of sale, DSA, Job estimate, final invoice, purchase order, statement of work, cheque bounce legal notice, employment termination notice, various business forms and questionaries, complaints, petitions in time.


  • Employment Documents/Deeds
  • Business Agreements/Documents
  • Legal Agreements
  • Real Estate Agreements
  • Banking & Finance Agreements/Documents
  • and many more…


You need to require to pay 100% of the search fee to start of the work.


The purpose of a legal drafting service is to draft a legal document and to ensure that identifying all the relevant facts and laws and then applying them to prepare a document that accomplishes the client’s/beneficiary’s goals.

The following points are taken into consideration while drafting any legal document by us :

  • Obtaining necessary information from the client and other sources to fully understand the client’s goals and the commercial context in which the parties operate;
  • Preparing a rough draft expressing the basic agreement the client contemplates
  • Analyzing the rough draft to identify the legal issues that impact each term of the rough draft
  • Researching all legal issues to identify how the applicable law should be accounted for in the proposed agreement/deed/document
  • The second round of analyzing the rough draft after research and the applicable law to identify planning and structuring opportunities available to the client
  • After the second round of analysis, redrafting the agreement by applying the applicable law to accomplish the client’s planning, structuring, and underlying business goals,
  • Third Analysis: Using the client to test the document to ensure it will be appropriate for their business needs, including the client’s end administration of the document; and
  • Final Result: Editing and revising the proposed document to ensure the deal is stated using a format and language that are clear, concise, and functional and that fulfill the client’s need.

The drafting process is the same regardless of the type of document that is proposed. The principles and goals are identical whether drafting a contract, conveyance, letter, settlement, interrogatory, or petition. In each situation, all the facts and laws that apply, and how the document uses facts and laws to create the desired legal relationships are tracked and applied carefully.

You can choose which document you want us to draft with our experienced lawyers with a free consultation call to understand the significance and get the document customized as per your business/entity requirement. We are providing legal drafting services for following various deeds and documents from scratch, personalized and customized as per your needs! so let’s explore :

Legal Notice

A legal notice is a document sent to the opposite party (an individual/business entity) to whom you are about file legal proceedings in the matters with whom you are not legally satisfied with that opposite party. For all the legal litigations and matters such legal notice has to be sent as the first step to the legal proceedings. Such notice can be drafted by our experienced lawyers

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney usually called a POA is a legal document created to act on behalf of someone else. The need for this deed arises when the first party is unable to carry out relevant work due to some unavoidable circumstances, then all rights are given to the second party who will carry out the proposed work on behalf of the first party. Thus POA holder will act on all the things mentioned in POA and it will be binding on the POA issuer.

Right to Information(RTI)

The Right to Information Act- also known as RTI, is a revolutionary Act that aims to promote transparency in government institutions in India. The Act came into existence in 2005. Anyone can obtain information regarding government projects, works, and other relevant information, besides that information about your pending cases like Passport delay or Pension delay also be demanded by submitting a simple application to the appropriate Government Office. It makes the Government Offices reply to your questions mentioned in the RTI application and immediately the Government Office comes into play.

Employment Agreement

An employment Agreement is a vital legal document between the Employer and Employee, which includes the rights, duties, and obligations of both parties during the employment period. From the junior-most level to the CEO, everyone is an Employee, and to manage the employees efficiently, one needs to have an Employment Agreement.

Employment Termination Notice

It is given by an employer to an employee due to one or more reasons. And it will result in the termination of the employment of the employee. It contains reasons for termination and the length of the notice period. And date when the employment will end along with proper reasoning and an attempt to counsel the employee.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

An NDA for Employees is a nondisclosure agreement between the employer and the employees that mainly contains not disclosing trade secrets without permission of the employer. It can also include if an employee creates anything on the job that belongs to the company.

Appointment Letter

It is given by the company to the person to officially appoint him to the company as an employee. It comes after the person has accepted the job offer and now he is being appointed as an employee. Such a letter is generally provided on the first day of the joining of the employee. It provides information about the position offered, salary along with benefits, various company policies, and other information about employment. The copy of the letter has to be signed by the employee and return the same to the employer.

Resignation Letter

It is given by an employee to an employer when the employee wants to resign from his current position in the employment and stop working for the employer. It consists of the request for the date to be relieved, reasons for resignation, and time of serving the notice period. The resignation letter is only valid after it has been accepted by the employer.

Direct Selling Agreement

It is usually called a DSA. An agreement made between a business and an agent authorized to sell/distribute products of that business on its behalf. It describes in written detail the terms of commission, returns policy, intellectual property usage, etc. A DSA can be used by any business willing to appoint direct selling agents on its behalf. This agreement must be printed on a Non-Judicial Stamp Paper with a value of Rs.500/- or more. The Direct Selling Agreement is made in two copies and the agent and the business each retain one original copy of the agreement for their records.

Contract Agreement

It is used for independent contractors and a company to define relationships between them and to protect them during work. It comes into effect when the first party hires a contractor. In respect of independent contractors, the final job that is to be done is emphasized. It can be signed when you will be completing projects for a person/company from time to time, or when you will be receiving services from an independent contractor. The terms of the job, the payment structure, an estimate of the amount of time the job will take, and other relevant details are included in it. It is also known as Independent Contractor Contract, Freelancer Contractor Agreement, or Contract Labor Form.

Extension / Termination of Agreement

A Contract Extension Agreement is effected when you want to continue an existing contract that’s about to end. Generally, it is a part of the previous Contract Agreement.

And may include details like:

  • the effective date of the extension agreement;
  • the names and addresses of the parties involved;
  • their signatories; the name and date of the original contract;
  • the end date of the original contract;
  • the end date of this extension;
  • any amendments to any provisions of the original document.

Further, it must be specific about which part is being changed, added to, or deleted for clarification. The original document to the extension agreement can be attached, to clearly see what adjustments were made.
Termination of Agreement is mainly used to terminate business contracts between two parties of either goods or services. When any of the business parties are not satisfied with the agreement they have made either from a fulfillment point of view or a quality point then termination takes place by this agreement. It contains termination-specific reasons to do so. Such an agreement can be drafted on plain paper or also can be on the company’s letterhead. And addressed to the other party with whom the agreement is done, signed, and authorized by the owner.


A memorandum of understanding (MOU or MoU) is a formal agreement between two or more parties. It expresses a convergence of will between the parties, indicating an intended common line of action. MOUs are not legally binding on each party included. Often, MoUs are the first steps toward a legal contract. For example- If you buy a house and can pay for it, only after 6 months. You can sign an MoU with the dealer. And that will say that you will pay after 6 months and give just some advance amount at the current moment.

Partnership Deed

A partnership deed is a written legal document that contains an agreement made between two or more individuals who have the intention of doing business together and sharing the profits and losses of that business.

Property Development Agreement

A Property/Land Development Agreement under which a developer agrees with another party to procure the construction of works on behalf of that party. Generally, the agreement will include obligations as to cost, quality, and time and will also provide for the transfer of an interest in the property. It is executed between the land owner and the real estate developer for the construction of the building.

Land Partition Deed

The Partition Deed will divide up certain properties, thereby making each of the co-owners as the rightful owner of the property share. When the property is owned by several individuals, a partition deed makes sure there’s a legal division of the property with the consent of all co-owners. Usually, it contains the terms and conditions upon which the partition between the joint owners of the property is going to take place.

Lease Deed Agreement

It is used for renting or leasing residential or commercial property. The rental agreement or lease deed is a legal document that lays out the prescribed terms and conditions under which the rented property is leased out and is followed by the landlord and tenant, it includes, how the rented property will be used by the tenant, deposit, and lease fee description, and other relevant points of the property. It is used in the cases of any dispute or any other issues by the lessor or the lessee. It must be printed on a Non-Judicial Stamp Paper with a value of Rs.100/- or more and usually signed on payment of a deposit for the rental property between the lessor and the lessee. Two copies of the document are usually executed, with each party retaining one of the original copies.

Notice to vacate the tenant

It is a legal notice to the tenant of a rented/leased property to vacate the premises in a stipulated time along with reasons for the action, as per the lease agreement. It is important to issue the notice to vacate in writing to the landlord or the tenant to ensure legal validity, in case of a dispute. Notice to vacate can be printed on plain white paper and signed by the tenant or landlord. It can be delivered to the intended party in person or through email. However, it is good to provide the notice to vacate through registered post to ensure the notice has reached its intended recipient.

Conveyance Deed

It is a legal document that is used to transfer the title of specific property from one person to another by the way of a gift, an exchange, a lease, a mortgage, etc. A gift deed, mortgage deed, lease deed, or sale deed can also be called as a conveyance deed. It is one type of contract in which one party transfer all rights regarding property to the other party.

Leave & License Agreement

It is an agreement temporarily made by a licensor and a licensee which allows the licensee to use and occupy the licensor’s immovable property full or part of the same, for the purpose of carrying on business activity or residential use and paying a fixed amount of rent or as per their mutual understanding with certain terms and conditions. Unlike Lease, it only grants permission to occupy the property for a limited time period.

Relinquishment/Relese Deed (हक्कसोडपत्र)

A Hakka Sod Patra (हक्कसोडपत्र) is a relinquishment (Release) deed carried out in a certain region of Maharashtra. By this, a person legally or formally gives up or releases his legal rights of the said property being relinquished in the name of some other person. This is one of the modes of transferring the rights of immovable property to another. Unlike the Gift deed here consideration may be needed for being a valid deed.


A will is a legally-binding document that lets you determine how you would like your estate to be handled upon your death. If you die without a will, there is no guarantee that your intended desires will be carried out and quarrels may arise.

Agreement to Sale

Agreement to Sale or Agreement before the sale is an important legal document consisting of the terms and conditions of the sale of a property by the seller to the buyer and is an agreement to sell the property in the future to the intended buyer. Usually, the purchaser pays some token amount as an advance to the seller, which is acknowledged by the seller in this agreement. It has to be ensured that the agreement is legally enforceable and binding on both parties.

Sale Deed

It is a legal document by which a seller transfers his right to the property to the purchaser, who then acquires absolute ownership of that property. It is used in property transactions as legal evidence for the sale and transfer of ownership, title, and rights of property.

Gift Deed

It is a legal document through which the immovable or movable property owner transfers his/her property to another person without considering value as a gift. The person gifting his/her property is called the donor, and the person accepting the gift is the donee.

As there are different types of Legal deeds, the requirement of documents varied as the type and case; we will advise the same after selecting a particular type of legal document to be drafted; for generalization, we enlist here documents that are frequently necessary as below :

  • Identity and Address Proof of all parties related to the documents, such as Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Driving License, etc.
  • Documents showing property details in case of property-related drafting, viz. Sale Deed, Gift Deed, Lease Deed, POA, Will, etc.
  • Any other relevant documents regarding the case,
  • Relevant documents were suggested at the time of consultation by the Lawyer.

Procedure is hassel-free!


Details Analysis: After the finalization of the service, you have to provide all necessary and relevant details as per necessity.

First Stage


Drafting of Legal Document: After analysis of details obtained from you, the expert lawyer will study your case, take deep scrutiny of the available documents from your end, draft an intended document and share the same with you for review. In this draft, all details of facts are covered as per the type of document and it will be shared with you, the same would have to be read carefully and confirmed for the further procedure by you.

Second Stage


Finalization of Draft: After confirmation of the draft of the legal document, the necessary corrections will be carried out along with appropriate legal review if necessary and the final legal document is prepared and handed over to you for further legal or registration procedure.

Third Stage
How can I buy / order drafting service ?
You can order our drafting service by with appropriate details at contact us. After receiving your details our expert Lawyer will communicate you with free first legal advice.Once you finalize desired service receive with payment, we will start work regading the same with necessary communication at every stage of work porcess and Final drafting of deeds is delivered to you by the way of Email or print as per your need.
What is a Legal Document?
Legal document is defined as, generally, where two or more parties enter into an agreement and it is confirmed by the placement of their signatures at the end. When a legal document is created to form a contract, all parties must agree and sign the document.
What are the types of legal documents ?
There are several types of documents :
  • Employment Deeds
    • Employment Termination Notice
    • Appointment Letter
    • Resignation Letter
    • Employment Agreement
    • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Business Deeds
    • Direct Selling Agreement
    • Contract Agreement
    • Extension of Agreement
    • Cancellation of Agreement
    • MoU
    • Partnership Deed
  • Real Estate Deeds
    • Lease Deeds (Commercial/Residential)
    • Leave and License Agreement
    • Notice to vacete tenant
    • Agreement to Sale
    • Sale Deed
    • Gift Deed
    • Conveyance Deed
    • Hakk-sod patra/Release Deed (हक्कसोडपत्र)
    • Will
  • Banking & Finance Deeds
    • Sec. 138 NI Act Cheque Bounce Notice
    • Promisary Note
    • Account Opening Resolution by an institute/local body
    • Mortgage Deed
And many More....
If I need to customize the agreements/deeds later which is drafted by you, can you help me with that at discounted cost?
Usually, we ensure the errorless draft before delivering it to you. Since there are some unavoidable circumstances arises where documents drafted need to be amended and customized, in this situation we will definately help you at a negiotable price. Please feel free to contact us with service request.If your legal docmuents were already registered before Registrar/Sub-Registrar/Notary Public, then there is provision to make an additional deed called as Supplimentary Deed, in which all your amendements, additions or deletions of certain points are made and the same is valid part and parcel of the original documents.
Does you provide other agreement drafting services also? For example a shareholders agreement?
Yes, we are happy to help you with all your customized drafting requirements, Please feel free to contact us with appropriate detailed service request.
What care should be taken before drafting any legal document ?
A well-thought-out and properly drafted legal document in a lot of cases has the potential and concrete base for future betterment.The drafting process is the same regardless of the type of document to draft. The principles and goals are identical whether drafting a contract, conveyance, letter, settlement, interrogatory, or a petition.In each situation the anybody must know what they desire to accomplish, the facts and law that applicable, and how the document uses facts and law to create the desired legal relationships. While drafting any document/deeds avoid verbal clutter, use words sparingly, use ordinary language unless there is a need for special terms, cover all facts and legal issues by taking advise of lawyer.

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