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Property Search Report

Get Land Property Search at an affordable price. Property search is an important stage in every transaction regarding property assets. Currently, we offer affordable Land Property Search Reports for properties situated within the state of Maharashtra. Property Search is an essential stage in every transaction regarding property assets.


  • Real Estate Title Search
  • Verify property before purchase
  • Verify legal ownership of property
  • Verify defect & encumbrance
  • Ensure clear & marketable title
  • and many more aspects…


You need to require to pay 100% of the search fee to start of the work.


What is Property Search Report?

A property search report is a title report of property in the context of real estate. It is useful in getting a clear picture of ownership of certain properties before purchasing the same. And it safeguards against being defrauded by the seller. By taking Property Search Report you can verify the Title of the property. After scrutinizing, it’s verified that the transferor is the actual owner of the property. And has the power to transfer the rightful ownership or title of the property free from any encumbrances and defects. Moreover, such verification will also help you to alleviate the risk involved in the transaction. Let us see it in detail…

The title basically refers to the rights arising out of lawful ownership of property. A clear title is conclusive proof of ownership. So whenever a real estate transaction takes place a thorough detailed title search must be done to ensure a clear and marketable title of the property. If the title of the property is found to be defective then arise of legal and financial trouble in the future.

What actually done in Property Search?

In this report verification of the title of the property is conducted by checking and verifying property documents to ascertain the legal ownership of the property and also verified that whether any defects and encumbrances in the title of the property exist or not. After a report conducts title verification is generated called ‘Abstract of Title’ or ‘Title Search Report’ on the basis of above said verification.

  • Address proof (photocopy of any documents viz. passport, voter id card, Aadhar card, driving license).
  • Property extracts, 7/12 extract, Mutation Entries extract (फेरफार उतारे).
  • Maps showing the exact location of the property, details showing boundaries of a property, sale deed/ Agreement deed/ conveyance deed/ gift deed/ will documents/ deed of partition/power of attorney deed (if any), etc.
  • Letter, reports of the property obtained by the local authorities.
  • Any other relevant documents regarding the property.
  • Relevant documents were suggested at the time of consultation by the Lawyer.

Procedure is hassel-free!


Details Analysis: After the finalization of the service, you have to provide all necessary and relevant details as per necessity.

First Stage


Drafting of the report: After analysis of details obtained from you, the lawyer will take the search for the requisite period and after deep scrutiny of the available documents, draft report will be prepared and shared the same with you for review. In this draft, title history, details of property along with mets and bounds, transaction details, legal opinion, and all other important points are included, which you must read carefully and confirm for further procedure.

Second Stage


Finalization of Draft: After confirmation of the draft report, the necessary correction will be carried out along with appropriate search if necessary and the final report will be generated with seal and signature and handed over to you.

Third Stage
What is Property Search?
It is title search of property, by which you come to conclusion that searched property is having clear and marketable title, free from any encumbrance. In this report verification of title of property is conducted by checking and verifying property documents to ascertaining the legal ownership of property.Also verified that whether any defects and encumbrances in the title of the property are exist or not. After title verification is conducted by a report is generated called 'Abstract of Title' or 'Title Search Report' on the basis of above said verification.
What is to be checked in ownership details before purchasing any property ?
It is absolutely necessary to verify that the transferor is the real owner of the property and has clear and marketable right with respect to the property.This can be ensured by checking the original property-related documents and verifying if they correspond with public records held by the local, Government, Semi-Government, Private authorities.This includes every document evidencing the ownership and transfer of title such as sale deed, conveyance deed, gift deed, will documents, deed of partition etc. and if the sale is made by a person holding power of attorney, such power of attorney must be inspected carefully. It should also be checked and verified whether these documents are duly stamped and registered properly.
What is chain of title in ownership of property ?
Usually, a property might be transacted and changed hands multiple times before. Therefore, Title verification not only includes checking and verifying the title of present owner but same for past owners also. A chain of title means the historical record of title of the property. For that purpose, inspection of the chain starts from the present owner and ends at its original owner of the property. All the documents starting from initial deed to the latest link deed must be scrutinized to understand and clear the chain of title.Let it be clear with an example; Suppose a property you are buying from existing owner "A", which is bought from "B" through general power of attorney. And "B" purchased it from "C" through a sale deed, And "C" got this property by a way of gift deed from "D". In this example, property was transferred four times and you need all four property documents for title verification which are called as link documents. In this case through search should be conducted till the initial owner of the property i.e. "D".If the chain of title is complete then the clear title will delegate further proved. But if the continuity link is broken in between, it is a major red flag as there is a cloud on the title and it is not advisable to proceed with the transaction. Generally, people tend to rely on the documents provided by the seller but it is always advised to get the certified copies of all the link documents and deeds from the Sub-Registrar office/ local Government/Semi-Government/ Private authorities to know the legality of documents.
How to verify that the owner has the right to transfer the property?
The right of the transferor in regard to ownership of property can be absolute or limited. Ownership is said to be absolute when possession, enjoyment, and disposal rights are vested in the owner without any restriction otherwise it is said to be limited. In order to execute a valid transfer, the absolute right to dispose of must be vested in the transferor.So while doing title verification it is pertinent to inspect the nature of the right of the transferor owner. This concludes that if the said property is transferable and the transferor has the absolute right to transfer the property. For this purpose Record of Rights and Mutation Records can be a promising source for verification and used to do so, wherein reflect the nature of the right of the transferor with respect to said property.
What is a period of search report?
Generally, a title search is conducted for a time period ranging from twelve to thirty years, which can be extended or reduced as per the objective of the party and the nature of the transaction.

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