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Legal Notice Service

Get Legal Notice service in which we offer notice drafting, notice serving, and relevant follow-up from start to end. We offer services for cheque bounce notices, faulty product or service notices, recovery notices, service termination notices, public notices, family litigation notices, divorce notices, etc.


  • Cheque Bounce Notice
  • Consumer Complaint Notice
  • Recovery Notice
  • Divorce Notice
  • Employment Termination Notice
  • and many more…


You need to require to pay 100% of the search fee to start of the work.


What is it?

Legal Notice Service is a service of issuance of a notice, serving them, and follow-up with a reply if necessary. Serving a Legal notice is a process used by an individual or an entity. And thereby inform the other party about what they are being accused of. And further intention of taking legal proceedings against the other party along with all the facts and circumstances causing it. In the Notice, the First Party may demand an action or omission of action from the other party. A warning is issued to comply with the same. And not comply which may force the First Party to file a Suit in Court or further appropriate legal action.

The aggrieved party must take a lot of caution while drafting the Legal Notice. As after filing the suit, the same becomes a Legal Document and nothing in it can be amended. Let us see it in detail…

  • The very basic purpose is to inform the other party that he/she has whether knowingly or unknowingly caused discomfort and trouble for the First Party which has led to the Legal Notice.
  • It is a tool to resolve the matter without filing a case in Court. It gives a chance to the Other Party to bring forward its part of the issue. And help in resolving the matter. And it’s always a better option to come to decision.
  • Issuance of the Legal Notice is compulsory as it gives the other party a period of appropriate days to send a reply. And prove its innocence before the aggrieved party files a case in Court or takes any legal action against him/her.
  • It is of utmost importance that the Legal Notice is drafted effectively by the advocate of the aggrieved party. And includes all the facts and complaints against the Other party, replying to which is not easy. If the Other party is unable to deny the claims in the Legal Notice, they may end up losing the case in Court.

We offer legal notice services for various types of legal notices. Our experienced lawyers will call you to understand the case facts, and circumstances and let you get ready to serve a legal notice in time. Various types of legal notices are as below:

  • cheque bounce notices,
  • faulty product or services notices,
  • recovery notices,
  • service termination notices,
  • public notices,
  • family litigation notices,
  • divorce notices, etc.

As Legal Notice is sent in various scenarios, the requirement of documents varied as the case be; let’s look for particular cases as below:

Cheque Bounce Case :

  • The original cheque copy which should be towards a specific liability by the opposite party,
  • Bank Memo showing chque dishonored (generally returned due to insufficient fund),
  • All details about transactions that taken between the concerned parties, all purchase / sell receipts showing the transaction,
  • In this case time period is essential and vital part, thus the notice must be sent within 30 days from the return of the memo from the bank and if the drawer fails to pay the liability within 15 days, the payee can file a case within 30 days from sending the legal notice, so time should be considered atmost in this case,
  • Any other relevant documents regarding the case,
  • Relevant documents suggested at the time of consultation by the Lawyer.

Faulty Products/Services :

  • The original copy of the bill of the faulty or damaged product or service obtained,
  • Proof of the damage or fault in the product or service,
  • Proof of attempts made to get the refund or replacement of the faulty products from product/service provider,
  • Relevant documents suggested at the time of consultation by the Lawyer.

Security Refund by tenant :

  • Copy of Tenant Agreement,
  • Communication between the Landlord and Tenant regarding the payment of the Security Deposit,
  • Payment receipt of the Security Deposit,
  • Bank Account Details of the Parties,
  • Relevant documents suggested at the time of consultation by the Lawyer.

Public Notice :

  • Name, address details of issuer,
  • Description of property with relevant documents,
  • Documents regarding to the cause of action,
  • Description of appeal/demand to public
  • Relevant documents suggested at the time of consultation by the Lawyer.

Procedure is hassel-free!


Details Analysis: After the finalization of the service, you have to provide all necessary and relevant details.

First Stage


Drafting of Legal Notice: After analysis of details obtained from you, the expert lawyer will study your case, scrutinize the available documents from your end, draft a notice, and share the same with you for review. In this draft, all details of facts are covered such as discomfort and trouble caused by the opposite party, all the complaints against another party, further legal action that may be initiated against the other party, and the time period to reply back to the aggrieved party, etc. The same would have to be read carefully and confirmed for the further procedure by you.

Second Stage


Finalization of Draft Notice: After confirmation of the draft of the legal notice, the necessary correction will be carried out along with appropriate legal review if necessary and the final legal notice will be prepared with seal and signature and served to the opposite party on behalf of you. The same will be informed with appropriate legal advice to you and true copy of the said legal notice be retained by our Lawyer along with post receipts, same will be shared with you for further legal proceedings.

Third Stage
What is a Legal Notice?
Legal notice is defined as a legal concept which describes that a party be aware of legal process affecting their rights, obligations or their duties.
What are the types of legal notice?
There are several types of notice: public notice (or legal notice), actual notice, constructive notice, and implied notice.
What care should be taken before sending any legal notice to the opposite party?
A well-thought-out and properly drafted legal notice in a lot of cases has the potential to settle the matter at the first instance itself without the need to move to a Court of Law. The aggrieved party hence should pay adequate attention before sending the legal notice to his/her defaulter(s).
What should be included in legal notice ?
Usually, to add effectiveness to the subject matter, the Legal Notice should be drafted by an advocate who has good expertise in legal terminologies. The basic components of any Legal Notice may be considered as : Name and address of the sender, Description of how the sender knows the defaulter opposite party, Cause of action, Monetary Relief Claim, Legal basis of such relief, Further action to be taken by the aggrieved party, Time period allotted to comply accordingly to the opposite party.
What is the procedure to obtain security deposit in case of tenancy ?
Security Refund refers to the security amount deposited by the tenant to the land lord while at the beginning of the rental tenure.The landlords may retain a part of the Security Deposit if they believe that some damages has been caused in the rented property, but sometime, the Landlords may foul play and try to grab the security deposit by refusing to pay it back. In such a case, the tenant may send a Legal Notice demanding the Landlord to refund the Security Deposit.
  • The Legal Notice must be effectively drafted with all necessary facts such as cause of action, attempts made to recovery, time period, demand, legal action taken if failed to return money, etc. by the Advocate of the tenant and sent for his approval.
  • The Tenant must thoroughly read it and include or exclude any detail as per his case.
  • Final copy of the draft, after proofreading must be sent to the Landlord accordingly.
  • True copy of the said legal notice must be retained by the Advocate of the Tenant along with post receipts.

How to send faulty product or service notice ?
In the case where the consumer purchases a product or a good which promises a good quality/service, and receives a faulty or a damaged product, he has a right to complain regarding the same and get the amount paid back or compensation equivalent to it.For the redressal of the grievances of the consumers, forums are available where the aggrieved consumers can file their complaints against the retailer or the manufacturer of faulty products. However, before filing complaints in the forums, a Legal Notice can be sent to such a Retailer or the manufacturer. An expert advocate is required to draft the Legal Notice as the same will be presented in the Consumer Court indicating the genuine attempts to resolve the matter outside the Court if possible.

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