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Get various legal document registration at Notary Public / Registrar /Sub-Registrar by our experts at an affordable price in a quick time. It includes Sale Deed Registration, Agreement before the sale, Marriage Registration, Legal heir Certificate, Name Change Registration, Death Certificate, Gift Deed, Will, All types of affidavits, indemnity bonds, etc.


Notary Public / District Registrar/ Sub-Registrar/ Local Govt. Authority, etc.

  • All types of Affidavits, Indemnity Bonds, etc.
  • Marriage Registration, Name Change Certificate,
  • Birth/Death Certificate, Legal Heir Certificate, etc.
  • Sale Deed, Conveyance Deed, Agreement to sale, Will,
  • MOU, Partition Deed, Hibbanama, Mortgage Deed, Samzota Lekh, etc.
  • Partnership Deed, Contract Deed, All types of business deeds, etc.
  • and many more…


You need to require to pay 100% of the search fee to start of the work.


What it is?

If you are looking for a registration or notary service for any legal document, then you are at the right place. We SS Law Firm will take care of all your legal documentation needs including drafting, vetting, and registration of legal documents.

What do we offer?

We ensure hassle-free completion of registration work through an expert drafting lawyer. Our genuine and professional registration service is synchronized with local Govt./Semi-Govt. Registration Authority i.e. District Registrar/Sub-Registrar and Notary Public, so that running process and completion work smoothly.

We offer legal documentation services with drafting and registration Notary of such affidavit as per instructions/format issued by the authority in quick time; the details are as below :

  • Affidavit(s): Various affidavits are required to be submitted in various Govt./Private offices for certain purposes such as for Legal heirs, Name change, Marriage Registration/Certificate, Birth/Death certificate, Inserting names on property card/7-12 extract, etc.
  • Indemnity Bond(s): It is a bond indemnifying an obligee against loss that arises as a result of a failure on the part of a principal to perform as required on his/her behalf. It is required to be submitted in the Service of various private companies/Govt. Sector, Insurance, Educational institute, Share trading, etc.
  • Agreements: Agreements are carried out between two or more parties, with appropriate terms and conditions, nature of transactions, liabilities, method of dispute resolution and jurisdiction, etc. Agreements are of various types, for Ex. Service Agreement, Agreement to Sale, Contract Agreement, MOU, Termination Agreement, etc.
  • Sale Deed: It is a legal document that showcases the transfer of title, rights, and ownership of a property from a seller to a buyer. It’s a very important document in real estate land property transactions. It is proof that acquires absolute ownership right to the purchased property of the buyer.
  • Gift Deed: It is a legal agreement that shows someone wants to gift his/her property or money to someone else without consideration. It may include movable and immovable property. It is voluntarily executed by the donor.
  • Partition Deed: It is a deed that will divide up the said property, thereby making each of the co-owners as the rightful owner of that property share. When the property is owned by several individuals, a partition deed makes sure that there is a legal division of the property in each co-owner.
  • Will: It is a legal declaration by a person, providing directions for the disposal of his personal property on his demise. A willing deed ensures that the disposal of a person’s property is according to his wishes, thereby, preventing any future dispute between the heirs. It is written by a living person stating his/her wishes to be executed after his/her death.
  • Partnership Deed: It is a legal agreement when two or more two people come together to run an enterprise or business. In this document, all the essential terms and conditions related to the business, such as profit/loss sharing, obligations, admission of new partner/s, decided rules, salaries, and exit process, are included.

It may vary as per the legal documents that are being registered; generally, the following documents are necessary :

  • Proof of Identity and address (KYC) such as Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Passport, photographs, etc of the person who is signing the document.
  • Details of legal documents that are being registered for Ex. format provided by the institution where it is to be submitted.
  • Relevant documents/information suggested at the time of consultation by the Lawyer.

Procedure is hassel-free!


Details Analysis: After the finalization of service, you have to provide all necessary and relevant details and documents as per the necessity and the suggestion of our legal advisor.

First Stage


Drafting of a legal document: After analysis of details and selected service appropriate legal document is drafted by considering all the facts, law points, and prescribed format published by the authority, and the same will be forwarded to you for review.

Second Stage


Finalization of the draft: After necessary correction and review the same will be prepared and ready for registration at the appropriate Govt Registrar/Sub-registrar / Notary Public as per necessity. Registration of document: After finalization of the legal deed/document it will be submitted to the appropriate registration authority with the necessary fee, along with all necessary and relevant documents, in presence of the deed/document executing parties. After completion of the registration process; a registered copy is issued.

Third Stage
What are the important clauses that an agreement deed / document should include?
An agreement deed/document typically has the following clauses: Details of parties, Nature of transaction to be undertaken, Deliverables by both the parties, Payment: amount to be paid and schedule of payment, Term of the agreement, Liability of the parties, Non-Disclosure of confidential information, Notice, The jurisdiction in case of dispute, Method of dispute resolution, the relevant law points that are suggested by legal advisor.
What is the difference between legal heir certificate & succession certificate?
The differences between legal heir certificate and succession certificate are as below :
  • Legal heir certificate are issued by the revenue inspector or court. Whereas, the succession certificate is issued by the court.
  • A Legal Heir Certificate is used to realise the claims of retirement benefits, gratuity, provident fund, insurance and pension. The Succession Certificate is used for transfer of property or for paying debts or security on behalf of a deceased person or for collecting debts or security on behalf of deceased.
We offer complete end-to-end legal advice to obtain legal heir / succession certificate. We have expert Lawyer with vast experience in handling the same. You may please contact us for more details.
Is a married daughter eligible for Legal Heir Certificate?
Yes, married daughters are also recognized as legal heirs and can therefore apply for obtaining legal heir certificate.
What are the benefits of notarizing an agreement?
Notarizing an agreement has the following benefits:
  • It validates the authenticity of the parties signing the agreement.
  • It ensures that the parties have signed an agreement with free consent.
  • The notarized document serves as evidence in the court that the parties mentioned in the agreement have signed the agreement and that the agreement is not fabricated.

What are the benefits of registering an agreement?
Registering an agreement has the following benefits:
  • Law mandates that registration of certain documents (like sale deed, will, etc.) to uphold their legal validity.
  • It serves as evidence of the execution of the agreement.
  • It prevents forgery and fraud relating to documents.
  • It helps in finding out existing liabilities and ongoing litigations relating to the property.

How to amend the clauses of an agreement?
Usually an agreement has a provision for amending the original agreement. You can amend the agreement by mutual agreement between the parties. In such case, another agreement called as Supplementary Agreement is executed incorporating the amended provisions and it is said to be part of original document.
Why do I need to get my marriage registered and obtain the marriage certificate?
After registration of marriage, a marriage certificate is issued. The marriage certificate is the conclusive proof of your marriage The marriage certificate useful for : Applying for dependant VISA or passport, Opening of joint bank account after marriage, In the unfortunate circumstance of your spouse passing away without nomination, it can be used to claim deposits in bank, insurance benefits, provident fund claims, and gratuity claims etc.

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